Comments From the Grain Elevator Museum Guestbook, 2017

"Absolutely fascinating!"

Yellowknife, NWT
"Incredible tour, I loved it. Wow!"

Spruce Grove, Alberta
"It's a wonderful combination of display and nostalgia, we really enjoyed it."

Airdrie, Alberta
"A wonderful trip down memory lane"

Fort McMurray, Alberta
"Knowledgeable guide, wonderful tour, very personable!"

Virginia, United States

Cardiff, United Kingdom
"Fantastic tour, extremely eye-opening"

Stony Plain, Alberta
"It's great to see you saving history" 

Spruce Grove, Alberta
"It was awesome. I cannot believe how they work it!"

Spruce Grove, Alberta
"Fascinating! Lived here for 26 years and never toured! Glad I did. :)"

"Well worth preserving"