Proudly Serving the Community Since 1972

When the Spruce Grove and District Agricultural Society was formed under "The Agricultural Societies Act" in May of 1972, the first thing they did was plan and build the Spruce Grove Agrena, a building which continues to serve the community today. The Ag Society then went on to sponsor and organize the Agra Fair for 25 years at this new facility. This event grew to become one of Western Canada’s largest events of its kind. When the fair was discontinued, people thought the Agricultural Society would not continue either, but not so!  In 1995, Honorary Lifetime Member and one of the Founding Fathers of the Society, George Sewell had the vision to save the last surviving Grain Elevator in Spruce Grove from demolition (there had been three on-site originally) a project the Society embraced with enthusiasm. They saw it as an opportunity to showcase the Agricultural roots of Spruce Grove and the heritage of the area by turning it into a tourist destination. 

The 1958 Alberta Wheat Pool Elevator,  the last remaining wooden elevator to be seen traveling west on Highway 16A to the Pacific Coast, is preserved in full working condition. It is a Sentinel that quietly overlooks the hustle and bustle of a Community that has expanded beyond the imaginations of Spruce Grove’s early settlers. More than 1800 wooden grain elevators dotted the Alberta landscape at one time. Now it is closer to 100. 

Several years later, the Ag. Society, with the outstanding outpouring of support, both financial and otherwise, from local business, sponsors, volunteers, and members, rescued the Old Town Water Tower from a nearby Farmer's Field, had it fully restored and erected at the Grain elevator site on a brand new set of legs!  

The organization is run by a dedicated group of volunteer members. The Ag Society's goal is to ensure that they keep alive the history of the Community both for the present and future generations. The Society provides cultural, educational, and interpretive information on agricultural processes and history and the heritage of the Prairie Region.

Several annual summer events are hosted by the Ag Society, attracting visitors from around the world. Area residents proudly bring their visitors to the elevator for a glimpse into Alberta’s agricultural past, and to see the inner workings of this massive machine. 

In addition to these events, the Agricultural Society supports the Spruce Grove Archives. They are housed in the small blue building at the west end of the elevator Site. They offer a fascinating glimpse into Spruce Grove's past and could also assist with researching your Spruce Grove and surrounding area family history! The Society also developed and operates Spruce Grove's only Community Garden.

The Society offers an annual $500 scholarship to a student enrolled in an agriculture related post-secondary program.


Spruce Grove Ag Society Volunteers