Would you like to find out about:
·         How communities emerged and changed over time?
·         How individuals or groups contributed to the development of the community?
·         Why a grain elevator was important in the community?
·         Which types of grain are grown in Alberta and what they are used for?
·         How grain goes from the field to your table as bread, pasta, and other foods?
Discover how grain was brought to the elevator and shipped by train. Learn how levers, pulleys, and simple gravity eased the workload of the manager who ran the grain elevator single-handedly. Look into the gigantic bins that stored locally grown grains. Be inspired by the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our pioneer farmers.
Our tours can consist of anywhere between 5 and 50 visitors. To better serve individual needs, larger groups will be divided into two or more groups. We recommend sub-groups no bigger than 10 (including supervisors) for each station. Generally, each station rotation requires 20 - 30 minutes and depending on the size of the group, may include up to five stations: Spruce Grove Archives, the Grain Elevator where you will learn the origins of the community, Museum where you will find interesting items from the past:  household items that were used before electricity, computers, and other technologies of modern times were invented, the Water Tower on which you can see a mural of Spruce Grove in 1958. There is also the option to have a half hour lunch on-site. Visitors can bring their own lunch.
The Ag Society is a volunteer-based organization and the $5 charge is one form of our fundraising. The proceeds will support maintenance for the Elevator and the Water Tower as well as for funding of a new building.

Time We are available for group tours from June – September 30. 
Tuesday - Saturday, 9 A.M. - 3 P.M. (may be adjusted as required)
30 minute lunch (own or ordered) on site.
Cost $5.00 per person 
Payment Cash or Cheque
What to Wear The Grain Elevator Museum is always colder than outside, so sweaters or jackets are encouraged, even when it is warm outside. 
Grain Elevator site & Washrooms Wheelchair accessible. Short walking distance from each point of interest. Lunch room with washrooms on site.

Bookings: Call at 780-960-4600
From Tuesday – Saturday, 9 AM - 3 PM
Email: elevatorsprucegroveagsociety@gmail.com


We can accommodate your needs during your visit to the Spruce Grove Grain Elevator!