Summer 2019 Job Opportunities


Office/Site Manager and Event's Coordinator


Reports to:

Designated Executive Officer of the Board of Directors.

Job Overview

The role is to manage the office to include Data Entry and Social Media Sites.

Hire and oversee Summer staff and Co-ordinate five "on site" events.

It is fundamental to have excellent interactive capabilities for face-to-face communication with the community for the purpose of sponsorship and promotion.


Organize and manage the office, submitting an operating budget at the commencement of the season.

Plan and execute the events to include marketing of the events, securing sponsors and recruiting volunteers for assistance at these events.

Create a job description for the Summer Staff. Advertise for the positions, interview prospective candidates, hire accordingly and subsequently supervise their duties.Promote the "Mission, Vision and Values" of the Society by promoting the agricultural history history of the area to include guided tours of the site.


Computer skills to include Social Media and Website.

Ability to manage between 2 - 4 staff members.

Self-confidence, outgoing personality with good communication skills.

Ability to organize, plan and execute events.

Access to a vehicle for personal use


$18.00 per hour. 35 hour week. Tuesday to Saturday. Commencement mid/late April to September 28th, 2019

Please submit resume to:

by March 5th, 2019.






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